What to do if you are having a mid life crisis?

Go on a rejection roller coaster. I'm not kidding. Really. The one way to get through this so called mid life crisis is do as many insane things as possible and get rejected up on your face as many time as possible. But the key here is not to give up. Keep on trying. Keep on trying for new things. Keep on finding ways to make a complete jack of yourself. Keep on doing those things you've always wanted to do even though you are not good enough. The only key is to Not Not Not Never Ever Ever like forever GIVE UP.

W-Two Worlds KDrama Review

Take a look at the below picture really close and tell me if it doesn't give away the entire story line of the Drama!

W was an entirely new attempt on KDrama story line. The Directors/ Producers and Actors put a lot at stake and took a chance with this Story but as the charts say it, This is one of the top rated Drama's and their hard work was not at all in Vain.

This first thing I learnt while watching this series was the Korean Word-'Manhwa' which means Web Toon. Kudos to the person who actually came up with the idea of a parallel world which exists along side the real world.

Lee Jong-suk who plays the lead actor in the series also plays the lead in the Web Toon featured in the series. A web toon coming to life, persons from the real world travelling into the web toon and vice versa, Characters in the web toon disappearing once their role is done, A love story between the two worlds and finally a happy ending- This series has it all.

The background scores in the dram…

Bring it on Ghost! - KDrama Review

Its just been a week since my last KDrama review and here I am again writing a review about one more amazing KDrama I've watched.
Will I recommend this to others? Yes, Most Certainly.

I had so much fun watching this series. There was never a dull moment in the show and all the episodes are 16 hours power packed laughter, ghost fighting and little bit of ghost human romance.

I loved all the characters in this Drama, Starting with Ok Taec-yeon. At first you might think, hey this guy seems a little different. But as you keep watching the drama, you'd probably say to yourself, hey this guy seems a bit cute and eventually by the end of the drama you might totally be head over heels with the guy, the character he plays in the series and also the show itself.

The leading lady-Kim So-hyun Is she cute or what! She'd probably set standards for the definition of a Cute Girl. At the start of the Drama, in episode One you might not really call her cute in the school uniform outfit but…

Cinderella and the 4 Knights KDrama Review

Binge watched another Korean drama after a long time. Here is my review on it.

This is just like the name says. One Girl, 4 boys and the girl ends up living like a Cinderella at a Sky house where 3 of these 4 knights stay.

Like any KDrama, almost all the boys fall for this Cinderella Girl, and there is always that one Boy who is super rude to girl but she falls for him anyways. That is what happened here too.

The cast did a wonderful job with their roles and played their part like total Pro's. This is my first time watching a KDrama with Park So-dam in it. I'd have to admit, I loved her acting on screen. Jung Il-woo also did a good job with this role. This was my third KDrama with his as a lead and franky, I think he did an even more better job in 'High-End Crush'.

I watched Ahn Jae-hyun in both Blood and My Love from another Star. This was probably the best he performed. Though the story line was way to predictable, Ahn Jae Hyuns character in this Drama and his actin…

Talk about things that matter

Ever heard the phrase talk is cheap? I think it's time we reiterated that phrase and make everyone everywhere understand it.You see, these days I'm seeing people making use of words for the the most useless-est things possible. They use words to curse each other, talk bad about each other, plot against each other, hurt each other.. the list seems simply endless. What the Bible says is, when you speak, let your words be seasoned with grace so that everyone who hears it will be benefitted from it. The comparison infact is with salt. How salt adds flavor to absolutely anything, your words are supposed to add flavor to life.I know it is difficult to literally think before every word that comes out of your precious mouth. But for starters, one place I'd recommend you start off with is reminiscing about what you have already spoken and taking time to evaluate yourself.Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself after every conversation1. Did I really have to say something?
2. D…

Little Doggy

Hey Little Doggy. How are you? Do you have a name? Do you have anyone whom you call master? Where do you sleep? Did you have water to drink today? It's really hot outside. I'm sad I'm not able to do anything for you. I'm sad that I don't know if i will ever get to even see you again. I've got a dog at home. She loves me very much. You two could be good friends if you meet. She gets good food to eat and sleeps in luxury.I wonder what have you done to deserve this? I wonder what has my pet dog done to deserve that?

'Come Back Ajusshi'-KDrama Review

Binge watched this entire Korean Series and I have to admit, This is one drama I will definitely recommend to my fellow KDrama Fans.

Right from the characters, to the actors to the script, everything is set perfect and is directed just the way you'd imagine it to be. This isn't you're average conventional Korean Drama but a lot more message intertwined to the background story line that keeps the audience thoroughly entertained.

What I liked the most: The Lead Actress Oh Yeon Seo who plays the role of Han Hong Nan/Han Gi Tak in the Drama should probably be awarded an Oscar for her acting. Her dialogue delivery and acting style is nothing like anything you usually see. She wears a very powerful attitude and did a wonderful job in the Drama by bringing the tomb boyish character to life.

What I did'nt like: The background scores were really interesting at first but once I sat though half of the series I realised the background scores were terribly timed, like for example …